Who is Adélaïde?

I’m a girl, a woman and a mother with a head full of ideas! I have two children and a business I’m besotted with. So my life is spent with a bunch of “to do lists” in my handbag!

Tell us about your career?

After taking a course at the ESMOD (French private fashion school), I started out as a fashion editor for different magazines (Elle, Madame Figaro L’égoïste). I then went on to be a personal shopper at Bon Marché and at the Hotel Meurice in Paris. I was a stylist for L’Oréal ambassadors and actors for major events (Avant-premières, the Cannes Film Festival, runways). One of the most fulfilling professional experiences I had was being the personal stylist for Ariel Wizman, a journalist, DJ and a Paris fashion figure.

Where did the idea for SAC US come from?

Actually, it was when I came across my US satchel from high school in a box in the attic. It immediately brought back all the memories of that carefree and magical time in my life. I wanted to share that by bringing that iconic bag back to life. I kept its original identity but modified it to make it more versatile for use on a daily basis, and gave it a more sophisticated touch by using different materials and improving the finish, in particular the lining.

How do you create your collections?

I work by season, just as in the ready-to-wear world.  I listen to my instinct, my ideas and my desires. Then I create a moodboard, with colors, materials and, little by little, a story begins to take shape. So I start to create a collection with pieces that are timeless, trendy, exceptional and then there are the “unique” pieces that are fully customized. Then comes the big question of production. I can’t produce them all, so I have to make choices. Some bags are actually made, and others remain ideas on paper! In any case, I try and trust my gut feeling and take on board customers’ comments and desires, as that kind of feedback is crucial for us.

You mentioned “unique” handbags?

Yes, we have a personalization and customization service to make handbags unique, using vintage pin brooches, badges and tie and dye effects. So each handbag is truly unique!

Do you try to convey a message through the way you dress, your personal style?

Yes, I like to think that people see me as someone who is free, with not just one, but several different styles. I dress according to what I have to do during the day, and of course my appointments, but I also dress depending on my mood and the image I want to portray. I guess there’s a slightly narcissistic part too, I want to look beautiful! And fashion has become such a universal concept that you can really almost do as you like these days.

What inspires you? What interests you?

I think that specific periods fascinate and inspire me: I really admire the work and flagrancy of the Belle Epoque. I’m a real fan of the 1970s, in terms of both fashion design and musical style. Finally, I’m delighted to have been part of the 80s and 90s, where I could express my own style and be different.

Is the brand pronounced Sac U.S. or Sacuss?

“SACUSS”. The brand was created by developing the U.S. Satchel and interpreting it, but I’d really like to share other creations with you in other spheres. SACUS will be a brand in its own right with a whole host of different items that have been adapted and interpreted, but which are still true to the original design.

Do you want to add anything else?

Big kisses to all the readers who have read this interview through to the end! On a more serious note, I’d like to thank all my customers, distributors and employees for their support, suggestions and for just being there! I guess it’s a little trite, but there’s a great community behind SACUS! Thank you everyone!