A true icon of pop culture, the cross-body satchel is a throw back to the highlights of the 80s and 90s, steeped in eclectic energy and very definitely avant-garde. It-bag before its time, the cross-body satchel model revisited by SACUS echoes the universal codes of the military canvas satchel in its own off-the-wall kind of way.



Kaleidoscopic and dynamic, this collection stands out from the crowd with its leading pop-influence pieces that open up a whole range of styles and ways of wearing them. Made of leather, denim and high-quality fabrics from Italy, these satchels can be carried in their mini or maxi versions, on the shoulder or across the body using the strap. Their authentic design can be customized to suit your style, using the customization kits to really make the satchel your own, and add that truly personal touch.


Multi-purpose and versatile, with its cross-generational design, the SACUS collection is both practical and sophisticated . With pockets galore and magnetic snap closures, our satchels are just waiting for you to add your personal touch and customize them to make them your own. Brooches, decorative pins, scarves, embroidery or a touch of glitter and glitz. Make this satchel your satchel, and make it unique. If you want to customize your satchel, we can either do it for you, send you the kit, or perhaps you’ll find one that catches your eye among those we feature each season. Designed and created by the designer.


The designer