Don't hesitate to brush your besace occasionally to bring it back to life, and don't forget to waterproof it. Leather evolves over time; it's a living, natural material.

SACUS - entretien

In canvas, suede, smooth or metallic leather, your bag needs Cleaning. 

SACUS - grand toile chinée kaki


We recommend using cleaning products specially designed for textiles. Avoid putting your bag in the washing machine, even at low temperatures, as metal parts or the lining may bleed.

Suede leather

For your suede leather bag, use a crepe brush or a brush specially designed for suede to gently remove dirt and light stains. Always brush in the direction of the pile to avoid damaging the fibers. Don’t forget to waterproof your suede for optimum care.

SACUS - Sacs à main et besaces U.S



To clean or nourish leather, use moisturizing milk, which also waterproofs your bag. In the event of stains, wipe the leather with a soft cloth to remove excess material. Avoid rubbing too hard to avoid damaging the leather.